Transformation of natural society

Due to the unconstitutional change of climate and climate, in the midst of the work of a common community in the community, in the other places of the world, the whole world has begun to face various problems, because of the distress of the world, it has become a consciousness for itself and has put itself on its agenda till the unity of peace and development and rich hypothesis. To make meaningful visit to the Bureau of Consumer Union (IUCN) C reposefully karyachetra field at the local level Creating the tolivadda manner, in addition to the current pariprechyama hypothesis balanced economic sammunata Nepal Prof. natural cakrayukta lakchya society is registered with the Government of Nepal in 2064 BS EN 2034 in accordance with the capital G. Q. The institute is registered.

Requirements and expectations

This natural empirical society has been established by not only among the only sustainable and meaningful measures to comply with the world’s world, with the risk of climate change that is unbalanced and indefinite. Apart from this, its necessity and expectations are indirectly as follows:
1 Ozone Folding (Green Home) Impact Water and Impact Influence of serious problems in habitat, plantation, etc. Beginning, the expectations of sustainable interest for the common life world.
2 Because of lack of priority in the middle of Nepal’s overall scales, the lack of priority is not necessary, it is also important to maintain important places as well as rare plants and herbal plants and herbal animals as well as hemot-oriented creatures and herpes and pupils also study the needs and needs of students.
3 Nepalese people produce self-reliance on self-determination, self-reliance on self-reliance on their own soil, self-determination and self-power in our soil and expectations of economic revolutions, due to common interest.


Regarding the risk of water change, people are still getting more negative impact on the poor and marginalized community, and the natural societies society has been conducting different research activities in different fields, with different schemes and public awareness.

1. There are currently working vacancies in the fields of identity, collection, study, research, ideas, experiments, and various locations in Nepal.

2. Various Beaternaria programs are packaged as packages and no prescriptions, such as: sanitation of opening banana program, various renowned religious, processor and union organizations, Adika Bagh, in the garden, providing a courtesy of planting and providing multi-purpose plants.
Bachelor in

3 different Bachelor Degrees: To conduct experimental programs related to fruit, vegetables, grains and grains under livestock education coach only from the lower level level.

4. To make meaningful and paradigmatic foundation of programs including the use of Nepal budget expenditure, common benefit, availability and long-lasting expenditure in the program program with transfer correction.

5 Keeping in mind the timing of self-determination and self-determination, delivering a referendum consciousness program program, along with the local community organizations, will continue to cooperate and cooperate.

6 Government and mental illiterate people: social work, social and social activities such as non-standard, non-violent, single women, psychological balance, etc. etc., to identify the underlying manner, in which the underlying soul strength of such person has identified the economic, social, Physical, ethical and religious etc. etc. to try and teach about awareness.

7 Promote and teach the citizens of the country unnecessarily, financially, identifying and teaching financially, to the future generations for the benefit of simplifying the use of easy-term scientific land use.

8 In addition to consecutive nightlife, exposure of the contribution of the people to the status of the common animal, on the path of road, will be exposed to the status of residence in the society. Providing generators to the attachment of the person by supporting the bisexual, such as: To ignore the art of corruption in the state-of-the-art civil society etc., to ignore most of the problems in the society and to prepare for the planting of different plants.

9 Due to sports, identity of the country, the identity of the country, the archeology of the country, the advancement of the country, the poor, the youth and the youth, the creation of youth, etc., for preparing them in different areas of the area, parks, parks, etc. Discuss discussion, awareness awareness and initiatives as well as material work By
To conduct social programs of 10 Bisisgrais decade, contribute to contribution and participation in caste nation development and integration of overall representation, campaign tour, exit exchange, cultural program, public awareness programs and public awareness programs.

11 The country’s economic prosperity in the country is being developed in the country, the areas like hydropower, burnt citation, green green friendly tourism arrangements in the country, beauty and wildlife, and use of natural resources energy, water purifier energy.