Peepal is high Oxygen producing tree. It is having a sacred place in Neal.They yield small fruits with tiny seeds. They make all time favorite of most of the birds.

Peepal is the one of most oxygen producing tree and it provides sufficient shade also once grown. Peepal tree needs a lot of surface area to grow its roots and for its crown and if you are asking in that sense if we can grow in the pot at home. Surface factors will reduce the growth.You can plant if you have a huge area around your house. this is because the roots of peepal tree are very sturdy and grow far and dee, they are known to damage foundation of houses. So can be kept a little away from the house.It is advisable to go for peepal in your home only if you have an additional 250 or so square meters of of lawn. Even then keep the tree at least 5 meters off the compound wall.Then You need to cut the stem with a smooth slope. make a single sided. The inside white shall expose on one side and the skin shall be intact on the other. Plant the stem 4-5 inch below the ground.

So this is the way that we can grow peepal.

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